Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Passed with Tony
We can do incredible things if we are committed to making them happen and more importantly, if we have the right guidance. I was nervous to begin with, because of the road fear, and Tony's approach and his confidence in me made me keep my faith to evolve gradually into a better driver for the future. I often took 1.5 to 2hr lessons, they were beneficial. I approached my learning curve, which was slowly building up. Also without Tony's constant support, I would not of been able to reach this as quick. The pandemic ruined several weeks and months of driving lessons, we managed to use all of the available time in-between to practice, Tony was available in the early mornings and late nights. Even during the weekends and holidays Tony was one phone call away and had no objections to doing lessons. When I failed my driving test, I was very anxious to approach another examination. Tony subsequently guided me to prepare with his own words of motivation and counselling sessions that made me confident enough to pass. The time finally proved that Tony was my right choice yo select as my driving instructor, he was very patient to train me and relatively easy to go with and finally extremely dedicated to achieving my goal. I would recommend Tony as a driving instructor, especially those who are very nervous to begin driving lessons from my own personal experience.

Thomas PotterThomas Potter
Tony was my 3rd instructor, by far my best instructor and my last after i passed. He knew i was on my way to being test ready. by assessing me with a fair minded approach to any minor important mistakes. His knowledge of advanced driving tips and confidence enhancing techniques made me very quickly feel comfortable and happy to be learning under his wing. He would always be on the ball and if a mistake or there was some sense of misunderstanding on my part, he would persist in resolving the issue positively and every lesson felt rewarding and progressive. On the test day, he really got me in the right head space and we were both delighted when i passed. I would highly recommend!